What makes glasses perfect for you?

Some say, glasses have to be technically perfect, and they are right. Others say, glasses have
to be fashionable, trendy, cool, stylish and chic. Of course, that is also correct! But for us, 
Stefan Flatscher and Uwe Pinhammer from FreudenHaus, these are not enough. We want more.
We believe that glasses become a part of your personality. So we say: "Love your glasses - 
as you love yourself!" Our clients can look in the mirror ... and fall in love with themselves with
glasses made by Freudenhaus.

Founder, CEO, Designer
Stefan Flatscher

Co-Founder of FreudenHaus,
Designer and Managing Partner of
FreudenHaus Eyewear

Phone: +1 561 623 - 0560
Fax: +1 561 228 - 0953
E-Mail: fletch@freudenhaus.com
Founder & Managing Partner
Uwe Pinhammer

Co-Founder of FreudenHaus, 
Managing Partner of 
FreudenHaus Eyewear Stores 

Phone: +49 89 333 336
Fax: +49 89 345 874
E-Mail: pini@freudenhaus.com