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Optician in Munich


Every face is unique, every pair of eyes unique. Shouldn’t this also be the requirement for a pair of glasses with which you decorate your face and underline your personality? Exactly.

The FreudenHaus owners and founders Stefan Flatscher and Uwe Pinhammer have seen it that way for over twenty years and design and sell glasses with a maximum of individuality. Class instead of mass. Quality instead of nonsense. Technically perfect and in terms of coolness astrein.


Cashmere or polyacrylic, horn or plastic – it’s not a question, it’s an insult. Quality is the order of the day, ha! Even more: the credo of life and enjoyment. Horn eyeglasses from FreudenHaus are natural products and exclusive one-of-a-kind items. Made in countless steps by people who love and master their craft. Horn-rimmed glasses from FreudenHaus are damn expensive and damn unique. Any questions? Ask!


Whether in the hair or on the nose: Sunglasses rank high in the accessory ranking. And they have long had to do more than just protect against UV rays: They have to be cool, sexy, a style statement, and not just a mass phenomenon. Because herd animals don’t buy from FreudenHaus. (And aren’t particularly cool either, let alone individual). So if your sunglasses catch your eye, you’ve done everything right and you’ve pretty much been to us – we carry the labels that everyone wants and only a few get.


Nothing against mono-label stores, but isn’t it somehow more right to pay attention to your gut feeling and the interaction of face and glasses instead of the brand?

That in the end a cool quality label adorns the temple of your glasses and decorates your face is a matter of honor at FreudenHaus. We only carry brands that practice quality, design and individuality with diligence point. It doesn’t matter whether the headquarters are in Tokyo or Berlin – after all, that’s why you have us. We find them, the good ones.